Guidelines on Sim Ratings in Theta Fleet

Theta Fleet sim ratings follow the RPG Rating Website. ( this scale, the ratings would be:

     15+: 111

     16+: 112 (can be a 1.5/1/2)

     17+: 212 (can be a 2/1.5/2)

     18+: 222

NOTE: These ratings are NOT for age of players, but for content.

The ratings are for Language, Sex, and Violence (LSV).


     0: No swearing permitted.

     1: Infrequent, mild swearing is permitted.

     2: Mild swearing is permitted, with limitations on some moderate language. (The use of vulgar obscenities are limited. Words like fu**, cu**, etc. should be rate.)

     (3: Swearing and mature language is permitted.) This rating is not permitted in Theta Fleet.

Sexual Content:

     0: No sexual content is permitted

     1: Mild sexual innuendo and content is permitted. (Fade to black)

     2: Sexual content is permitted with some limitations. Explicit sex, pornography, or too much detail is not. (Keep it tasteful--more foreplay and emotion, less detail.)

     (3: Sexual content may be described in detail.) This rating is not permitted in Theta Fleet.



     0: No violence is permitted.

     1: Mild violence is permitted. (Little blood and graphic descriptions.)

     2: Violence is permitted, with limitations. (Describe it, do it, but don't go into detail. Don't be explicit.)

     (3: Explicit violence is permitted.) This rating is not permitted in Theta Fleet.

It's up to the COs to keep content from getting too graphic, vulgar, or explicit.  We want to appeal to awide group of simmers and many are turned away by the adult content permitted in a 3 rating. For this reason, a 3 rating is not permitted in Theta Fleet.

We also encourage anyone who writes a scene that may not be appreciated by all members of the crew to put a disclaimer at the top of the post and in the title. For example: This post contains sexual content that may not be suited for all players. Feel free to skip thispost. The title could say: Spring Fancy (Adult Content)

Theta Fleet recognizes that life on a sim (starship, starbase, planet, etc.) involves all aspects of a character's life. We expect relationships to develop. However, this should be a natural outgrowth of interpersonal relations and not be the focus of the sim. If a CO wishes to write mostly sexual content and relationships, we suggest they look for another fleet.