Poaching Policy for Theta Fleet

     Many fleets have stringent poaching policies that frown on telling anyone about any other sim that isn't part of their fleet.

     Theta has a more open view on what is recruiting and what is poaching.

     Here, we believe that the simming community is relatively small and that many people sim in multiple fleets. Therefore, we have no problem with a player mentioning a sim in another fleet, or even advertising for another sim on the Theta Fleet Discord channel under Non-Theta Recruitment. (Many of the senior staff sim in multiple fleets and occasionally talk about them.)

     However, players should not create long lists of email addresses from former sims and spam them about a sim they joined, whether it is in Theta Fleet or another one. Tell your friends and/or people you know from former sims, mention the sim in passing to someone you're talking to; only pick the players you regularly wrote with on those lists and who remember you.

     Poaching, by Theta Fleet standards, is asking someone to leave one sim to join another. This doesn't matter if you're asking someone to leave a sim in Obsidian Fleet to join one in Theta Fleet or leave one in Theta Fleet to join a sim in 16th Fleet. All you should do is mention the sim, say a few things about why you think they would enjoy it, and give them the URL.

     We also consider asking a CO from Theta to take their existing sim to another fleet as poaching. Talking about the fleet alone is not poaching.

     Note: We see this as much the same as telling your friends about a great restaurant you discovered and suggesting they try it. You're not asking them to leave their favorite restaurant for yours, just to give this new one a try.

     There are many sites on Facebook and Discord that allow you to post ads for your sim. We encourage you to use these sites. Theta Fleet has both a Facebook page and a Discord channel.

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