In Memorium:

Below is a list of the Theta Fleet players who passed away over the years. It is not complete, but we wish to honor their memory and what they brought to the sims they were on and the lives they touched. May they live long and prosper in our hearts.

Todd Wardel (Blackcat)

Todd was a simmer for over 20 years. He was involved in a number of fleets, often rising to positions of leadership. He was involved in Bravo Fleet and Horizon Fleet before helping found Pegasus Fleet. He set up the JAG in Pegasus and ran it for several years. In Theta Fleet he was the webmaster and TGCO.

He was always willing to help out wherever he could, whether it was as a player, a CO, or a member of fleet admin.

He loved to play unusual characters and show by example that any position could be an active one. One of his notable characters was Admiral Blackcat, an NPC JAG who made appearances in many places. He also liked to play a janitor and found ways for his character to be an active member of the crew.

He set up many of the policies that guided Pegasus Fleet for years. His last simming home was Theta Fleet, where he  took over as webmaster. He was also a CO and TGCO.

His health took a turn for the worse when he was diagnosed with diabetes. Even though he adjusted his diet and took insulin shots, he was unable to keep it under control and he slowly lost portions of his legs. He eventually had to stop simming.

He passed away in August of 2023. As a friend and simmer Todd was larger than life and influenced countless simmers.



It is with the end of May that I am here to deliver the May 2021 newsletter. There is a section by Charlie talking about our Deputy JAG, two wonderful sims spotlighted, a delcious blueberry waffle recipe, and a very engaging interview with the CO of the USS Albright!

June is here and sadly, it has been a rough start as many fleets and sims, including several in Theta Fleet, are mourning the loss of a beautiful soul and remarkable individual. Kim Finney passed away. I will be working with Charlie on a page for those the Fleet has lost and mourns, but additionally, I would like to dedicate a section in the next newsletter (June) to Kim. 



Kayley played Lieutenant Relena Zala, the Chief Engineer of the USS Missouri for two years. Her husband was also on board the Missouri as the Executive officer. Unfortunately Kayley was involved in a high speed car accident which resulted not just her own, but also her daughters passing. She passed at only age 30 in January 2015.

Kayley was a wonderful writer and a great engineer. She was known to be very passionate about her character and her writing. She was known to be a player who was there for her friends and would stick up for her family and crew. Kayley's characters were known to be hot-headed, yet caring like she was when they needed to be. This is what made Kayley a unique player and friend to me.

It is a terrible loss. Her Husband Ben paid tribute to her after her passing in 2015. As far as I am aware, Ben no longer sim's due to it being too emotionally painful to return since the loss of his wife.

Captain Kagami Izumi

Commanding Officer

USS Missouri 2013-2021



Arron was a huge loss, not just as a writer but as a close friend. He was more of a brother and family to me than anything else. I originally met Arron through simming, he was my mentor, my guide and taught me much of what I know today. I was very close to Arron, even living with him for a short while at one point. I was the first person to arrive on the day his daughter was born, and the first time I met him face to face was at his wedding which I was invited to as one of his grooms men.

Arron played many characters over the years that I knew him. In Theta Fleet he played two characters. On the Yamato he guest starred at Lieutenant Commander Jerry Sabbath, the Executive Officer of the NPC Ship, the USS Repulse. He was returning to simming after stopping for a couple of years due to real life issues. He also created Lieutenant JG Paul Aldonis on the USS Tokyo, however never got a chance to play the character.

In 2018, Arron was killed when a car collided with his motorbike at seventy miles per hour. I was informed by his ex-wife, dropped everything I had at work and rushed to the hospital where he was in an induced coma due to his injuries. After six hours, we all finally had to say our final goodbyes he was the most caring, kind, loving and selfless man I have ever known; one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. He always put others first before his own needs, was always there if you asked him to be and would do anything for those he loved.

His favourite starship of all time was the Akira Class. He was also the leading Admiral of a fleet in Star Trek Online, one which myself and his friends still run to this day. Arron lives on in two young children that live with his ex-wife. He will be deeply missed, but he will remain in our hearts and memories and we shall pass on stories of him to our own children one day.

I still miss him every day, sometimes there are days I just want to pick up the phone and chat with him. It breaks my heart knowing that will never happen again. Rest in peace my brother, until we meet again.

Will – Commodore Kaede Kayano, USS Yamato.


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