Level 1 Awards  

Level 1 awards are the ones most often given by COs/Gamemasters to the players on their sims/games.

COs are welcome to add their own sim-specific awards.

Advancement Ribbon  

     Awarded to individuals who pass a ship-based course of study (inter-departmental training,

phaser or combat training, specialized departmental training) as authorized by the Commanding Officer.

Air Medal

    Awarded for exemplary service while piloting a craft or ship.

Broken Mirror

    Awarded to individuals who play a believable Mirror Universe character and cause lovely chaos.

Bronze Star

    Officers who put themselves in grave danger by going far beyond the normal call of duty qualify for this medal.

Captain's Honor Award

    Awarded at the Captain's discretion to individuals on the sim who deserve recognition.

Carl Rogers Citation for Compassion

    Awarded for excellence in the Counselling field.

Chancellor Gorkon Peace Award

    This award is given to individuals who play a key role in establishing peace between two or more conflicting parties.

Character Development Ribbon

    Awarded to an individual who develops his or her character in a believable manner over a series of posts.

Civilian Contribution Ribbon

    Given in recognition of significant contributions a civilian character makes to the story.

Commissioning Ribbon

    Awarded to all individuals who actively participate in a ship's Shakedown Cruise.

Crew's Choice Award

    Awarded to the most outstanding player of the month as voted by the crew.

Cross of Valor

    Awarded to a character who shows extraordinary bravery in the heat of battle.

Cupid Award

    Given for a well-written, believable romantic relationship between two characters.

Danny Kaye Dialog Award

    Awarded for witty wordplay, snappy dialog, or displaying a deftness in the art of repartee.

Distinguished Newcomer Award

    This award is given to any new player who distinguishes him or herself and does a lot of JPs meeting the other members of the ship.

Distinguished Volunteer

    Awarded to an individual who volunteers their spare time to help the simm and/or the Fleet in a significant way, such as designing graphics for use on the site or helping with site maintenance.

Doyle Mystery Award

    Awarded to an individual who develops a Mystery storyline.

Duane Ribbon

    Awarded to an individual who demonstrates exceptional writing skills.

Enigma Ribbon of Excellence

    Awarded to the player who helps develop plot twists.

First Contact

    Awarded to any individual who actively participates in a First Contact encounter.

Friendship Ribbon

    Awarded to an individual who develops a convincing and meaningful friendship with another character or NPC. (Romantic relationships qualify for the Cupid Award.)

Funny Bone Award

    Awarded to an individual who writes humorous posts.

Good Conduct Ribbon

    Awarded to individuals who consistently demonstrate the qualities of a Starfleet Officer, both on and off duty, as determined by the Commanding Officer.

Humanitarian Award

    Awarded to an individual who shows compassion and/or helps relieve the suffering of others.

Improvement Award

    Awarded to an individual who shows a marked improvement in writing style, grammar or participation.

Marksmanship Award

    Awarded for displaying skill and discipline in the use of firearms in character.

Minstrel Award

    Awarded to a player who exhibit excellence in storytelling and who use beautiful language to entertain.

Mission Development Ribbon

    Awarded to an individual who is instrumental in developing the current mission through well-written, easy to understand posts.

Monkey Wrench Award

    Awarded to the player who throws a monkey wrench into the plot that does not derail the mission and gets people posting.

Nemesis Award

    Awarded to a player who develops and plays a convincing adversary.

Non-Player Character Ribbon

    Awarded for the detailed creation and use of Non-Player Characters.

Player of the Month Award

    Awarded to an individual that goes above and beyond what is expected of them on the sim in a given month.

Recruitment Ribbon

    Awarded for successfully recruiting someone to the sim.

Rivalry Ribbon

    Awarded to an individual who develops a convincing and heated rivalry with another character or NPC.

Teamwork Award

    Awarded to the crew member who shows considerable talent in working with other crew members to create a winning plot line worthy of the vessel's reputation.

Treknobabble Commendation

    Awarded to players who work treknobabble into their posts, making the fantastic sound believable.

Unsung Hero Award

    While heroism is often recognized, the silent and ever ready support crew can be overlooked. They are the ones who are always there to keep the ship going, and their support makes the real difference when the heat is on. (Note: this is an in-character award

Warrior's Soul Award

    For writing believable and exciting battle posts.

Writer of the Month Award

    Awarded by the CO to a player for being the best writer on the sim in a given month.

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