Theta Fleet Harassment Policy

     Theta Fleet strives to be a friendly, welcoming place to sim. We do not discriminate against players or characters

based on race, color, or religion (this includes atheists and pagans). We expect everyone to be kind to fellow simmers

out of character.

     We recognize that not all characters are going to be friendly and welcoming to other characters. We ask that this is

kept in character, and spelled out in the character bio. Be considerate of how your character's actions affect other

characters (and players) and, if necessary, have an OOC discussion to make sure you and the other player are on the

same page with your character's behavior.

     We do not condone bullying and harassment of players because they do not agree with your views, ideals, morals, politics, religion, or sexual preference. Everyone has a right to their opinion. They do not have a right to force it on someone else. Open, friendly discussions about these topics is fine as long as it is done with mutual respect.

     In addition, players who bully or harass players or characters

to write with them against their wishes, conduct a relationship, or in any way force unwelcome character interaction will be removed from the fleet.

     A CO urging a player to participate in a mission is not harassment. Nor is a CO pulling a post because it is unacceptable in some way, or insisting the character play out the consequences of that character's actions.

     In character bullying, unless for story purposes and with the agreement of both the CO and other player, is also not allowed. Stalking out of character will result in the removal of the player and a fleet ban.

     COs who are aware of unwelcome stalking, harassment, or bullying of their crew and do nothing will face disciplinary action.

     If a player is removed from a sim for any of the above violations, both JAG and the Command Staff must be made aware of this in case further action, such as a fleet ban, is warranted.

     As an additional reminder, cyber stalking and cyber bullying can be considered criminal offenses in many countries.

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