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February 2017 Theta Fleet Awards
13-Mar-2017     Fleet News

February was a slow month for most of the fleet. It's mid-winter in the Northern Hemisphere and quite a few sims were slow. But, like every month, not all sims were affected the same way. Several sims did very well indeed. In fact, the Hera and the Ranger had their best month ever. Way to go!

We have a lot of great sims in the fleet. Take a look at this month's award winners and maybe join a new sim!

February Theta Fleet Awards

Unit of Distinction
Task Force 23
God: USS Hera
Silver: USS Ranger
Bronze (tie): Starbase Vanguard, USS Endeavour, USS Missouri
Area 51
Gold: USS Galileo
Silver: USS Tokyo
Bronze: USS Arthur

Writer of the Month
Task Force 23:
Calypso: Voz. Orvack, the ruler of the Qunari, has caused Kali a lot of grief, but he shows up in the nick of time to rescue her--again. He's brooding, opinionated, and a lot of fun to read.
Area 51:
Tokyo: Drew,for developing a huge character development in his IC family, which plays on the issues of teenage pregnancy and family ethics.

Player of the Month
Task Force 23:
Ranger: Matt. Matt plays the XO, Rylie Cattmor. He designed the current mission, and does an incredible job playing the former Engineer who feels overwhelmed with her new responsibility. He also created the Ranger skin and does the mission graphics. He is awesome, and the sim would not be the same without him.
Area 51
Arthur: Lt. Cmdr Debbie Robertson. She has shown great writing skills and creativity and taking the initiative in making posts, etc. Plus, she has shown great dedication to the sim, the USS Arthur.

Post of the Month
Task Force 23:
Starbase Vanguard: Dinner at the Addams Place - http://starbasevanguard.utopia-host.com ... ewpost/515
Area 51
"Like Mother, Like Daughter - Kala's Day"
Part 1: http://tokyo.rpgs-r.us/index.php/sim/viewpost/82
Part 2: http://tokyo.rpgs-r.us/index.php/sim/viewpost/83
Part 3: http://tokyo.rpgs-r.us/index.php/sim/viewpost/84

Task Group Award of Merit
Task Force 23:
23-A: USS Missouri
23-B: USS Ranger
23-C: USS Jerusalem
Area 51
51-A: No Award
51-B: USS Falchion
51-C: No Award

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February 25, 2018



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