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"I have learned to use the word impossible with the greatest caution."
-- Wernher von Braun

Commander, Theta Fleet Admiral Kathryn Burke
Deputy Commander, Theta Fleet Vice Admiral Aric Barclay
Director of Fleet Operations Rear Admiral Snu'Pi
Commander, Task Force 23: Chimera Commodore Kaede Kayano
     Commander, Task Group 23-A: Gryphon Captain Landon Mabrade
     Commander, Task Group 23-B: Phoenix Captain Alistar McKeon
     Commander, Task Group 23-C: Siren Colonel Horatio Drake
     Commander, Task Group 23-I: Charon Captain Landon Mabrade
     Area Commander, Area 51: Sphynx Commodore Hans Shiloh
     Commander, Area 51-A: Gargoyle Mowgli Starshine
     Commander, Area 51-B: Spectre Captain Azura Ashcart
     Commander, Area 51-C: Sphynx Captain M'Elise Emerson
Academy Commandant Captain Teryn Senara
     Vice Commandant Colonel Horatio Drake
Director of Awards & Commendations Commodore Da'Nal
Director of Information Management Captain Dimitri Ivanov
     Deputy DOIM Admiral Blackcat
Judge Advocate General Rear Admiral Jensen Albertson
     Deputy JAG Commander Alexander Knight
     Deputy JAG Commander Grace Kelly
Director of Recruitment Captain Andrew Klause
Deputy Director of Recruitment Open Position
Director of Fleet Tech Commander Ritsu Tainaka
     Deputy Director of Fleet Tech Captain Andrew Klause
     Deputy Director of Fleet Tech Commander M'yene
Chief of Theta Fleet Engineering Lieutenant Commander Ritsu Tainaka
Chief of Theta Fleet Intelligence Commander Teena Spartacus
Chief of Theta Fleet Logistics Open Position
Commander, Theta Fleet Marine Corps Captain James Parker
Advisor, Theta Fleet Marine Corps Brigadier General Ammon Khan
Chief of Theta Fleet Medical Lieutenant John Pearce
Chief of Theta Fleet Sciences Captain T’mpest
Chief of Theta Fleet Security Commander Mark Sarnow
Also on the Council of Commanders: the Theta Fleet Commanding Officers (see ship listing)

February 25, 2018



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