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"It is not really necessary to look too far into the future. We see through enough already to be certain it will be magnificent." -- Orville Wright


Theta Fleet began on 10 December, 2009 when the USS Endeavor and the USS Orion (now USS Calypso) left Obsidian Fleet to create a more open and friendly place to sim. They joined with a new sim, Starbase Typhon, and formed the core fleet.

Admiral Brent McGinley was CO of the Endeavor. Rear Admiral JJ Donovan was over recruiting and John Vail was over Fleet Operations.

By the end of the month, they were joined by the USS Republic (which became the USS Jefferson), Starbase Pinnacle, USS Tyber, USS Archimedes (not the Archimedes that later joined the fleet) and USS John F. Kennedy.

The Fleet officially launched on 1 January, 2010 with eight sims, six of them operational.

In January, four more sims joined the fleet. The USS Bismarck, the USS Alabama, the USS Pendragon and the USS Blackhawk. With the addition of these four active sims, the fleet was well on its way.

In late January, Kathryn Burke came aboard as the Deputy Commander. In March, the IFS failed and Commander Burke and Commander Lanc (webmaster) rebuilt the IFS from scratch. (This is the IFS currently in use.)

In June of 2011, Admiral McGinley, Commander Lanc and Rear Admiral Rebecca James (TFCO) left Theta Fleet to form a new fleet.

In July, Theta Fleet held its first monthly CO meeting and Kathryn Burke was officially recognized as the new Commander, Theta Fleet (CTF). Vice Admiral Aric Barclay became the Deputy Commander, Theta Fleet (DCTF).

Command Staff
12/2009-06/2011: Commander-in-Chief: Admiral Brent McGinley (founder of Theta Fleet)
12/2009-01/2011: Chief Fleet Ops: Rear Admiral John Vail
01/2010-07/2011: Deputy Commander-in-Chief: Vice Admiral Kathryn Burke
01/2011-07/2011: Fleet Chief Ops: Rear Admiral Lanc
07/2011-present: Commander, Theta Fleet, Admiral Kathryn Burke
07/2011-present: Deputy Commander, Theta Fleet: Vice Admiral Aric Barclay
07/2011-present: Fleet Chief Ops: Rear Admiral Snu'Pi

Task Force COs:
TF23: Rear Admiral Rebecca James, Commodore Victor Fawkes, Commodore Curzon Bennett, Rear Admiral Veronica Constantine, Commodore Kaede Kayano.
TF42 (defunct): Captail Piers Figges
Area 51: Captain Josef Guerrera, Commodore Hans Shiloh

February 25, 2018



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