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"We should have positive expectations of what is in the universe, not fears and dreads. We are made with the realization that we're not Earthbound, and that our acceptance of the universe offers us room to explore and extend outward.” -- Nichelle Nichols

Join Theta Fleet

The simplest way to join Theta Fleet is to go to the Ship Listing and pick a sim that interests you. (There are two task forces, Task Force 23 and Area 51; or select all to see a list of all sims.)
Ship Listing

Then click on the name of the ship to go to the webpage and look over the site.
When you find one you like, fill out an application (in Personnel>Open Positions).
The way Nova works, you will need to apply directly to the sim itself.

If you don't care where you go, click on the JOIN link and fill out an application. We'll find a good home for you. Or click on Contact Us and ask. :)
Join Theta Fleet

If you wish to bring an existing sim to Theta Fleet or apply as a CO, go straight to the JOIN link.

Or you can copy the information below and send it to us through the Contact Us

First of all, thank you for your interest in running a sim in Theta Fleet. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please fill out the CO Application below and send it to us through the Contact Us form.

1) What is your name?

2) What is your email address?

3) How long have you been simming?

4) Where have you simmed before?

5) Have you been a CO before? If so, where?

6) Have you read the Theta Fleet rules? (they are under Fleet Rules at thetafleet.net)

7) What type of sim would you like to command?

8) What sim name and class would you like?

If you already have a sim you would like to bring into Theta Fleet, what is the URL?

9) Would you prefer to be in Task Force 23 or Area 51? (TF23 is for fleet canon. We do not acknowledge the 2009 and later movies or series. Area 51 is for non-fleetp-canon Trek and for non-Trek)

10) Do you have a bio of your character we could look over? (If so, where? If not, please include one here.)

11) What sort of missions would you like to run? Give us an idea of what your first mission would be.

12) How strict are you as a CO? What rules would you have about activity?

13) How would you get posting up if your crew stops tagging?

14) Suppose that two of your players are fighting in and out of character. How would you deal with the situation?

15) Suppose that one player on your sim accuses another of harassment, how would you deal with it?

16) How much time can you devote to your sim each week? (realistically)

17) If you disagree with one of the fleet rules or with a decision by the Command Staff, how would you deal with it?

18) What do you expect from a fleet?

19) What would you bring to a fleet?

20) What questions do you have for us?

NOTE: In accordance with the US COPPA law, you must be 13 or older to sim in Theta Fleet.

February 25, 2018



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