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"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education." -- Mark Twain

September 2014 Fleet Awards
6-Oct-2014     Fleet News

September went by far too quickly. I don't even know if the leaves cvhanged color this year. It seemed to go from summer to October here. lol
As far as the Fleet goes, September was a good month. Few sims had no posts at all and the top three did very well indeed. Congratulations!

This month, take some time to visit a haunted house, forest or maze. Enjoy the end of summer or the beginning of spring, depending on your hemisphere.
You can also take a peek at the awards for September below.>/p>

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Celebrating the Freedom to Read: Sept. 21-27, 2014
19-Sep-2014     Fleet News

It's that time again... The leaves are beginning to change colors, school is back in session, and it's time to celebrate Banned Books Week.

What is Banned Books Week? it's a week to celebrate the importance of the printed word and freedom of speech. It's primarily a US event, but people around the world are encouraged to learn more about what books have been banned, and why. Books like Tom Sawyer, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are on the list.

Even the Classic Trek episode Plato's Stepchildren was censored due to its interracial kiss.

So, between September 21 and 27, go to your local bookstore or library and read a banned book!

For more information, go to Banned Books Week.

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!
19-Sep-2014     Fleet News

ARR! Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, me hearties.

Put on your best pirate accent and celebrate all things pirate! (Dressing up is optional!)

Can't get enough Pirate? Go to http://www.talklikeapirate.com/

August 2014 Fleet Awards
10-Sep-2014     Fleet News

As summer winds down in the Northern Hemisphere and life heats up in the Southern, Theta Fleet slid strongly into September. Posting was up, chaos increased and our two heavy hitters did well, with the Archimedes hitting it out of the park.

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48 years and holding
8-Sep-2014     Fleet News

On September 8, 1966, Star Trek debuted in the United States and changed science fiction television. It also changed the future. Thanks to Trek, we have cell phones, tablets, touch screen monitors, voice activation, and the internet (to name a few).

Many astronauts say that Star Trek influenced their decision to go into space or into science. Even now, we have people working on medical tricorders and warp bubbles. Who knows what Trek Tech will come in the years to come.

In many fields of science we are boldly going where no one has gone before, and the future still holds great promise, just as Gene Roddenberry envisioned.


USS Intrepid Arrives
28-Aug-2014     Fleet News

Theta Fleet is pleased to welcome a new sim to Area 51: the USS Intrepid. A Nova-class starship exploring unknown space in the year 2380.
Want to learn more? Check it out in Area 51!

July 2014 Fleet Awards
13-Aug-2014     Fleet News

July had some hot tagging and some great posts. The top two sims did very well indeed, and many others had renewed activity. Great job all around!

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Nanu Nanu
13-Aug-2014     Fleet News

There is no easy way to say how a person has influenced a generation. Mork from Ork, Professor Keating, Peter Pan, Mrs. Doubtfire, Teddy Roosevelt, the Genie from Aladdin.

Robin Williams stood above most actors and comedians, putting much of his own troubled life into his characters. On August 11th, he lost his battle with severe depression. His talent, and his genius, will be missed.

His death has caused a lot of people to talk about this mental illness and how it affects not just the person who has it, but family and friends as well. If any of you have a problem with depression, talk to someone. Get help. Watch a great comedy and laugh as laughter helps people feel better. I recommend any with Robin Williams.

Theta Fleet is the proud home of 124 characters serving on 18 ships.
Theta Fleet is a collection of roleplaying games (SIMS) that work together to write stories in the Star Trek universe
October 20, 2014



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